Common Print Misconceptions

printers in NHIn the world where printers in NH are worried about saving the environment, everyone is moving away from paper. Earthcolor, as well as many other printing companies, have seen these issues as more and more companies abandon print marketing altogether. Though many want to remove them from distribution, it is important that you do not leave print entirely. As much as many would wish to remove themselves from print, it is important to disprove the misconceptions.


The state of the environment will not go away, nor should it. While it is important that you are conscious. Remember that paper can still provide sustainability. In the past few years, many companies have asked you to go paperless to save trees. However, if you remember to recycle, the paper itself is completely sustainable. It comes from trees and other natural resources. So, if you recycle the paper, it is compostable as well. Paper can be reused to make new paper products and lessen how many trees get used for paper products needed for the company by using the paper product already in stock.

Price and Effectiveness

While many believe that print is too expensive for how effective it is, it is untrue since print is relatively cheap. Consider, for instance, how much a book of stamps costs. Depending on how many you get, it is about 5 dollars or less. One stands at just around 47 cents down from last year alone. When it comes to print, the budget is quite cost-effective for your customers – at least when it comes to advertisement. The issue is that, on the surface, Internet marketing seems cheaper. The fact that print is more affordable than many think will hinder your company if you refuse to acknowledge one market. Many are slowly removing themselves from calling and e-mail lists. Print is the one true method that many consumers are ready to accept compared to countless emails.


I don’t know about you, but I have never had a problem personalizing print the exact way that I want. There is room to find a way to individualize your company and the clientele that you are hoping to reach. Printers in NH will allow you to personalize in different ways when it comes to the mailing with variable data printing, which will enable you to have a faster turnaround time due to the nature of the systems.

When it comes to the printing market, you can hit every aspect that you believe you weren’t able to reach before. The fundamental truth is that printers in NH are valuable to every participant compared to online marketing. The print industry is far from dead, and you can reach all of your clients with the same message.