The Future of Print

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People consider the art of printing in NH  a dead medium for advertising. Many individuals find print advertising to be useless compared to digital advertising. However, there are still plenty of things to consider if you look at the future of print advertising. Digital advertising works well because more people go online. Most people rarely read […]

The History of Book Binding

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The books that we receive today via printing services in NH are bound and perfect. Whether you look at a hardcover book or a paperback, you can see the stitching and understand that they are well-made. Many of us believe that the binding is done by machine, which is partially correct. Today, some devices can […]

5 Characteristics of a Great Flyer

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Flyers might not longer be the most popular printing option in NH for businesses or as a form of advertisement, but that does not mean they are still not used frequently. There are plenty of reasons to use effective flyers for your business or promotional events, and The Print Factory knows some of the most […]

Why Print is Not Dead

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There has been a growing argument in recent years about the longevity of the printing business and how printers in NH will fair as the digital era continues to grow. The Print Factory acknowledges our change in technology because it’s impossible to ignore, but we don’t believe print is dead or dying. There are many […]

Signs You’ve Found a Great Printing Shop

Being a Nashua, NH print shop located downtown means we have a lot of walk-in clients that need our help. It isn’t everyday, but we sometimes hear the sad stories of customers searching for a shop that can help them complete their projects. There are so many great print shops out there, and The Print […]

What Your Business Card Needs to Say About You

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Business cards are great for any professional to carry with them because you’ll never know when you meet someone you should network with. Being located in a business-oriented city like Nashua means The Print Factory has been working with business owners from all over who need a great printer in NH for their business cards. […]

Occasions to Print Invites This Spring

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The Print Factory has been a go-to printer for residents in Nashua, NH since 1982, so we have seen a number of invitations come through our doors over the years. There are so many reasons to consider using a print shop to create some seriously fun invitations for the next big event in your family […]

How print marketing can boost your career

You are in the throes of your challenging career. You are where you are now and you are always on the hunt for some upward mobility or even a lateral move. What you need to think about is approaching your career from and entrepreneurial standpoint. You are your own company. You need to create brand […]

Printing revolutionized the world forever

The coming of printing as we know it changed the world forever. The earliest printed work of any kind goes back to the 868 AD in China. Prior to the invention of the printing press, however, books were largely produced to hold certain cultural designs or pictures and maps. The coming of the printing press, […]

Which type of printing is best for your business card?

Your business card is the most important piece of marketing collateral you will ever have. It seems like a simple statement but it remains true. It is the first impression anyone will have of you and your company. Because of this, you not only want great design but you want your cards printed in the […]