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Typesetting and History Printing in NH is a work of technological advancements nearly 25,000 years in the making. Typesetting, the basis of all printing today, has a colorful history. The way that the printed word evolves through the years is amazing. As technology evolves, so will the work of typesetters everywhere. Print Magazine acknowledged the history of […]

Common Print Misconceptions

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In the world where printers in NH are worried about saving the environment, everyone is moving away from paper. Earthcolor, as well as many other printing companies, have seen these issues as more and more companies abandon print marketing altogether. Though many want to remove them from distribution, it is important that you do not […]

Newsletters: Make A Splash

As a business, it is normal for you to send out newsletters to your customers so that they know what is going on with the company. When you get finished with your newsletter, you bring it to printers in NH for them to print it. However, how do you know that you have a newsletter […]

Brochures 101

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As an experienced print shop in NH, we have seen our fair share of customers who want to get the word out about their business. Some prefer a simple but effective approach (business cards, for example), but others like to provide more in-depth information that isn’t too overbearing. Brochures are the best of both worlds: […]

Essential Facts About Wide Format Printing

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If you are searching for printing services in Nashua, NH, there is a variety of options to suit your needs. One of the more popular choices is wide format printing, and there is some vital information to know about the service before you invest. Here are some essentials about this specialized service. The Process Offers […]

How The Print Factory Embraces Technology

Technology is visible in just about every facet of life. Many industries use current resources and technologies to make their services more efficient. We at The Print Factory are dedicated to using technology to offer quality service for our customers seeking printing services in Nashua, NH. The following are just some of the highly advanced […]

Advantages of Wide Format Printers

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There are so many printers in the world that it becomes hard to narrow them down to your top choice for printing services in Nashua NH . To accommodate so many options, The Print Factory strives to work with all sorts of solutions to provide our services. Still, there are some printers better suited for […]

5 Characteristics of a Great Flyer

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Flyers might not longer be the most popular printing option in NH for businesses or as a form of advertisement, but that does not mean they are still not used frequently. There are plenty of reasons to use effective flyers for your business or promotional events, and The Print Factory knows some of the most […]

How Typesetting Balances Your Print

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When preparing for your next big business venture and you consider print shops in NH for your presentation materials, it’s extremely important to work with a shop that has in-house typesetting. Though the content you’re exhibiting is extremely important, how it is displayed to potential clients or customers is equally as important. What is typesetting? […]

Why Print is Not Dead

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There has been a growing argument in recent years about the longevity of the printing business and how printers in NH will fair as the digital era continues to grow. The Print Factory acknowledges our change in technology because it’s impossible to ignore, but we don’t believe print is dead or dying. There are many […]